Train Dead - Global Game Jam 2012
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48 hrs - One Team - One Game
Tonje Clason - Design | Mariel Simone Edlund - Design | Tobias Tønnessen - Desing | Alex Stavringou - Ide og design | Eivind Eriksrud - Zombies og intro | Thomas Carlsen - Code | Alexander Fornæss - Code

Updates since Global Game Jam official submit deadline
-- update #1 --
Fixed Chuck Norris
Passengers we didn't have time to implement abilities for no longer appears at station
Fixed picked coin bags blocking coin bags below from being pickable
Fixed soldiers in lost carriages leaving gun shot trails across screen (I think)
Fixed restart not resetting zombie spawn frequency

-- update #2 --
Re-enabled Florist as a selectable passenger
Zombies now turn hippie based on secret flower power formula
Fixed bug where aim target indicator would sometimes be sorted behind a background

-- update #3 --
Optimized Zombie animations
Added Cleaning lady as a selectable passenger
Intro-animation is now a timed sequence of slides (still has forward and back buttons)
Zombies now get caught in soap bubbles based on secret soap formula