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Biometric Games has been kicking it since 2006. As a developer/consultant located in Hønefoss, Norway, I work mainly in the games/infotainment business – for clients such as game developers, ad agencies and communication bureaus.


Made a “serious game” for Diagnostica AS to use with their Spirare software for spirometry-diagnostic procedure. The procedure tests their patients lung function, and in the game you generate power by blowing on wind turbines (game input is their medical test device).

The earth in the balance

Mixing the remake of the classic ball balance game with a quiz. The player must turn physical knobs to balance the virtual game board. To answer correctly, the ball must fall drop into the appropriate hole.

REISEN I JORDA: I den store utstillingen vår i gamlelåven, kan både små og store lære om livet i jorda. Meitemarksafari…

Publisert av Tingvoll Økopark Torsdag 12. juli 2018

Just READ It

A Social competition website for youth, age 13-16.

For our client Fylkesbiblioteket i Akershus (County Library, Akerhus, Norway) we completed a WebApp targetet at youth, focusing on books and reading.

We took over the project from a student work-experience-assignment, and were responsible for professionalizing it (aka iron out the quirks and finish implementing features). We took responsibility for development, hosting and running maintenance.

Helene and dad go shopping

Helene and dad is a game series based on a 3 year old and her dad. The first game Helene and dad go shoppingis out on iOS and Android now!

Helene and dad go shopping is an endless runner where dad pushes Helene in the shopping cart. As they run down the isle, try to get as much into the cart as possible!

Have you ever wanted to run down the isles of a grocery store? Now you can with Helene and Dad go Shopping! Get ready for a fully 3D endless runner that is fun and extremely addictive.

Ride your grocery cart through an amazingly designed 3D environment. The simple to learn controls allow anyone to start playing in just seconds. Swipe left or right to switch to the corresponding isle lane, swipe up to jump over numerous obstacles that are in your path. Pick up power ups as you ride down the isle.

Shields protect you from smashing into items, Magnets pull items into your cart, Stars increase your score multiplier and the Rocket gives you a time limited speed boost.

The fast paced game play will keep you hooked!

Sportsspill Norsk Tipping

For our client Norsk Tipping we teamed up with RADsoftand Empir to make an authoring/publishing solution for responsive HTML ads.

We were in charge of developing the authoring toolchain and the responsive HTML banners it produces. With this tool, non-technical staff can create, publish and edit highly responsive and content fresh HTML banners.

Alfie Atkins

A content-packed adventure game for small children (3-9).

You will help Alfie build a tree house, so he can get a gift from his imaginary friend Malcolm. While building the tree house floor by floor, you discover many new characters and mini games; pirate duels, house work, magical tricks and sing-a-longs. As the adventure unfolds, you also get a chance to decorate your own tree house!

Produced by Hyper Games, we were hired in to help with programming and animation.