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Helene and dad go shopping

Helene and dad is a game series based on a 3 year old and her dad. The first game Helene and dad go shoppingis out on iOS and Android now!

Helene and dad go shopping is an endless runner where dad pushes Helene in the shopping cart. As they run down the isle, try to get as much into the cart as possible!

Have you ever wanted to run down the isles of a grocery store? Now you can with Helene and Dad go Shopping! Get ready for a fully 3D endless runner that is fun and extremely addictive.

Ride your grocery cart through an amazingly designed 3D environment. The simple to learn controls allow anyone to start playing in just seconds. Swipe left or right to switch to the corresponding isle lane, swipe up to jump over numerous obstacles that are in your path. Pick up power ups as you ride down the isle.

Shields protect you from smashing into items, Magnets pull items into your cart, Stars increase your score multiplier and the Rocket gives you a time limited speed boost.

The fast paced game play will keep you hooked!

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